Youth Trapshooting Management

Manage kids, scores, and reporting all from your browser.

Scores visible in real time on the web.

View ScoresView Upcoming Shoots
Live Scores
Preview Squadding
Access shoot details
Easy Event Setup
Squad anywhere
Quick & Easy Reporting

For Shooters & Parents allows you to access all of the information that you need easily from your desktop or mobile device. See your squads, scores, and event data. 

See Scores Online

As scores are posted you can see them instantly online, from anywhere in the world

Personalized Rolling Scoreboard

See what you want to see on our rolling scoreboard, personalized to show you only what you want to see. Limit categories, scores, and teams. 

See Squadding

See where you or your kid is squadded quickly and easily through an easy to navigate portal

All for free!

We do not charge our shooters for our services, the club pays a small fee to post their shoot on our site. Giving you access to the worlds best youth trapshooting mangement software for free.

For Clubs

Easy Shoot Setup

Quick and easy shoot setup, specify some general data and you are off to the races.

Coach Management

For each shoot you get to specify the coaches you wish to have access to the shoot.

Access Controls

For your coaches you can specify what they are allowed to access for the site.

Squad Locking

Prevent multiple coaches from accessing the same squad and post at the same time with squad locking.

Easy to Navigate Squadding

Squadding is layed out clearly to show where holes are open from one screen. 

Enter Scores Quickly

Scores can be input qucikly and easily off of any device that has internet access.

Easy Reporting

Pull any report you want with a click of a button. Making trophies easier than ever. 

Print Score Sheets

Print scoresheets directly onto legal sized paper, prefilled with the shooters information.

Print Scores

Print all of your shooters scores onto regular letter paper, ready to be hung up. Or you can use the rolling scoreboard. 


How do I register?

In order to keep our platform secure registration for both clubs and coaches is by invitation only. If you are a club please email us at [email protected] and request a signup link. If you are a coach please contact the club and request an invitation link to register as a coach. 

I am a coach how do I get access to a shoot?

Contact the club, and request they add you as a coach. Simply provide them your email address or phone number and they can add you to their shoot. If you do not have an account with us already request an invitation to become a coach.

Can I create all my shoots at one time but only open pre-squadding at a certain time?

Absolutely, you can specify when you would like presquadding to open. Until presquadding is open only the club will be able to see the shoot. This means you can create as many shoots as you want but none will be visible to anyone else besides you until you want them to. 

How much does it cost a club to get started?

Getting started is free, we charge $25 per shoot to post it on the website and to enter squads/scores. However if it is your clubs first time using the software and would like a demo please contact us at [email protected] to get your first shoot for free.

How long do scores remain online?

After 30 days the ability to edit a shoot is disabled. After that the scores will be archived and visible forever. 

Ready to get started or have questions?